From the moment Chris and I met in the basement room of a college library outside Philadelphia in 2016, our lives have been defined by motion. In the first year of our relationship, we moved cross country to Montana together, spent a month traveling around national parks of the west in a 1999 Toyota Camry naked Mortimer, backpacked six months across Central and South America, then briefly moved back to Philadelphia where it all began. We rang in our first anniversary by packing everything we owned back in that same Camry in preparation of blindly driving 5,000 miles to Alaska, where we lived for the next two years.

Rock Climbers

Chris was first climber among us, with over 20 years of experience and youth competitive champion title under his belt. Amber started climbing with Chris in 2016, shortly before the relationship began. We like to say climbing brought us together and we since climbed all across Central America, Ecuador, Peru, and much of the western U.S. (though in reality we feel as though we’ve hardly scratched the surface!). At the moment, bouldering is our bag but much to our friends’ surprise, we do in fact own a rope and have been known to harness up on occasion.


One year ago, we made a snap decision and bought a Dodge Ram Promaster cargo van. It sat mostly untouched for months until we ran out the lease on our apartment and suddenly had to finish turning it into a home in just a couple months. We successfully self-concerted it into a rustic camper van and have been living in it full time ever since. In August 2019, we bid our Alaska lives goodbye and hit the road full time, chasing good bourbon and better boulders.

So this is us, and this blog is a testament to our travels, trials, and tribulations. We may be reckless but we are also relentless in our pursuit of the amazement, the adrenaline, and, most of all, the adventure. Always the adventure.