'Choss Boss' Sticker

'Choss Boss' Sticker


For the climber who is inexplicably fond of sketchy, bad rock.

Sure, your local crag may be a little loose.  And sure, you can pretty much add and subtract holds with a small pull.  But it's your crag and you're the boss of that choss.

These stickers are made a durable, weather resistant vinyl with a premium coating that protects them from rain, wind, sun, spills, you name.  You can even put them on your water bottle and run them through the dishwasher!

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These stickers were inspired by the chossy rock climbing routes of the Seward Highway Crag outside Anchorage, AK, where I call home.  Climbing magazine once called it the "worst crag in America".  But it's what we've got and we climbers love our bad, breakable rock.  Up here, we sport them on our climbing helmets that are a must, especially when belaying!